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ActionLogic has what it takes to help your business increase productivity and profits utilizing the Internet. We have been in business since 1997 and can help take your business into the next millennia. Businesses benefiting from ActionLogic's development team include Home Depot, Sears, and FedEx.

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ActionLogic was founded in October 1997 to bring advanced applications to the Internet. ActionLogic was formed by Pacific Crest Technology, a pioneer in Internet educational applications, to develop business applications for the Internet. Now, Pacific Crest Technology focuses on educational applications while ActionLogic focuses on business applications. Together, the two companies have the expertise to tackle any Internet project you may have in mind.

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ActionLogic made headlines in Internet World with their work on a corporate extranet used by FedEx, Sears, and Home Depot. The extranet applicaiton provides these Fortune 500 companies with online information about their vehicle fueling transactions. The application takes transactions from branch fueling sites and collects data such as vehicle identification, fuel site, time, fuel used, and cost. This allows regional and branch managers to monitor fuel consumption and detect potential fraud on a daily basis.
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You can't do it alone; it's all about leverage. Since one company can't be everything to everyone, it's vital to strategically partner with the best. ActionLogic has partnered with Pacific Crest Technology and has also developed strategic alliances with Adobe, Dell, and DevTech Inc.

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Looking for a rewarding career? ActionLogic is in the process of expanding our development team and sales force. Take a look at our latest job openings.